Prayer Request

Irma Desiderio, August 7, 2020 - 12:37 pm

My sister informed me she is divorcing her husband of almost 25 years. He has been verbally abusive to her for many years, as well as her triplet sons. He has been hiding assets and has been very secretive for a very long time. He has had many physical altercations with their older son as well. He is an alcoholic, and has been unloving, distant, unsupportive and uncaring. He picks and chooses who and who is not his favorite. I pray that he does not snap and cause physical harm to my sister or their sons. I pray he does not get spiteful. This decline in his behavior has gone on for way too long. There are mental health issues and depression in his family. Prayers are needed for divine intervention. Thank you for listening. Privacy is requested